Training Needs Analysis
Author: Benjamin
Posted on: 3rd Apr, 2021 01:06:36 AM

Training needs analysis is a process and procedure which helps an organisation review the state of their organisation’s training with a view to identifying and filling the knowledge gaps in the organisation and then design appropriate specific training to address the training gap.

Significance of training needs:

1. Avoid wasting time on irrelevant training by pinpointing trainings that are  not needed thereby saving time and money.

2. Work out the areas of greatest need by understanding the knowledge, skills and behaviours the  organisation needs to advance

3. Increase return on investment by saving training cost on irrelevant trainings

Steps on conducting training needs analysis:

1. Imagine and identify comany's mission and values. This will help you get to the core of why your organisation exists. This will help you answer the question of : what is the organisation culture, Which groups of people are key to delivering your organisation’s mission and What behaviours do your people need to deliver this mission.

2. Assessing how to get  people to adopt them by inspiring learners to achieve anything through motivation, ability and a trigger. This means you need to understand what knowledge and support your learners require.

3. Research and carry out survey on the on the workers capabilities by providing  learners space to add their skills, talents and interests

4. Scrutinize and  identify skills that  are lacking and where in the organisation they’re most needed and then sort through all the skills gaps  identified and rank them according to importance.

5. Plan the training strategy to adopt. This strategy should prioritise the skills which are lacking and critical to the success of the organisation.

Tips To Improve Your Training Needs Analysis:

1.. Prioritise effectively by identifying particular groups and departments that are in greater need of training than others.

2. Identify the best subject matter experts both within and outside the organisation (training companies evaluation)

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